First of all, we would like to thank you everyone for their support and generosity. Whether in volunteering, sharing our posts or donations, it is because of you that we continue to do great things on behalf of this misunderstood breed.

Many people have asked us who’s in charge and, frankly, we say its the dogs! However, we recognize that isn’t a practical answer. So, we would like to introduce our leadership team:

  • Onalda Martinez, President
  • Katherine Blanton, Secretary

If you would like to contact any of us, please send an email to [email protected] and address it to the appropriate person.  Also, authorization for any activities, events, campaigns or rescue activity should come only from one or more of the ladies listed above.

As a reminder, foster inquiries need to be emailed to [email protected]. Adoption inquiries must be sent to [email protected] and any electronic donations such as paypal must be sent to [email protected].

Our Mission

Our goal is to create an accepting and compassionate culture in which abused, unwanted and stigmatized dogs such as bully breed mixes, reside and thrive in well informed, responsible, loving homes and communities. Cincinnati Pit Crew engages in public relations campaigns through which the positive image and reputation of discriminated dogs are restored within our community.

CPC  helps relieve suffering of and prevent cruelty to all dogs, but more importantly ensure that bully breed dogs are treated in a humane manner through the dissemination of educational content,  public offering of training or behavior modification resources and participation in community outreach programs.

Cincinnati Pit Crew fosters positive relationships with animal shelters and other charitable dog groups to reduce euthanasia rates and the homeless dog population by rescue and placement into responsible homes.

Cincinnati Pit Crew facilitates programs that support responsible dog owners and reduce rehoming rates by providing access to veterinary care, spay/neuter clinics, food, shelter and enrichment services.