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Humane Education Program


Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC) offers programs that focus on creating safe and humane communities through education and owner support. We believe that educating community members of all ages about responsible ownership, basic care, and safety strategies is an important part of our mission. Providing guidance, support, and training for individual owners creates a sense of community that fosters a culture of inclusion and creates a network of responsible dog owners in the Greater Cincinnati area.  

Humane Education


The “Good Dog, Good Day” humane education program focuses on the qualities of responsible dog ownership and safe interactions with dogs. Our research has revealed that many children in Cincinnati’s urban neighborhoods have developed a fear for dogs as a result of negative experiences with resident and stray dogs in their communities. The program aims to teach children basic care for and humane treatment of dogs as well as providing the opportunity for children to interact with a helper dog in a safe and controlled environment. This program is designed for children ages 4-10, or grades Kindergarten through 4. 

The program will be initially implemented in Community Recreation Centers within the Cincinnati Recreation Commission network but may be expanded to daycare facilities, YMCA summer youth camps or library programs in the near future.


                                                                   Service Learning


The Kennel Enrichment Service Learning program offers the opportunity for participants to work directly with a local animal shelter by creating handmade dog stimulation and challenge toys that give adoptable dogs a welcome distraction from the often chaotic shelter environment. Participants tour local shelter facilities, learn about adoption initiatives, and are able to give adoptable dogs a change of scenery in the play yard. The Kennel Enrichment Service Learning program is facilitated by a Cincinnati Pit Crew volunteer with support provided by local shelter staff. The program is ideal for youth and school groups, scouting troops, families, or neighborhood arts groups.


Scout Programs

Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC) offers a unique opportunity for Brownie Girl Scout troops to combine the “Good Dog, Good Day” program with the Kennel Enrichment Service Learning program to meet the requirements of and earn the Brownie Girl Scout PetBadge. Troops will visit a local animal shelter and receive a tour from the shelter staff, deliver handmade dog toys, and interact with adoptable shelter dogs. A small (per scout) fee may be associated with the scout program depending on availability of resources as well as the cost of the badge itself. 


                                                     Owner Support

The Owner Support Program is aimed to providing educational and referral services to dog owners. Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC) recognizes that responsible dog owners face a variety of challenges related to the behavior, confinement, and veterinary care of their dog(s). CPC offers a variety of opportunities and resources for owners including socialization events and activities, training workshops, and veterinary and training referrals. 

                                    Blockheads Responsible Bully Lovers

This group is a venue for responsible dog owners who wish to socialize with other dog owners. This is a social group not just for humans, but also for dogs. Events include: play dates, parties, group walks and outings to help dogs get appropriate socialization and for humans to share knowledge and ideas with one another. 

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 Pack Walks

Periodic group pack walks facilitated by a local trainer benefit any dog and are especially helpful for dogs that are overly excited or reactive in nature. Pack walks help dogs overcome fear and anxiety and desensitize dogs to other dogs, people, and high-stress environments, making daily walks more enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. These walks also allow dogs to explore local venues providing mental stimulation and teach dogs how to behave in and safely coexist within each new environment. Additionally, pack walks give owners the opportunity to improve leash handling skills and read dog communication. Pack walks are scheduled at various local venues on a monthly basis. 

                                      More Information and Dates Coming Soon!