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Breed Specific Legislation, commonly referred to as BSL, is generally defined as any ordinance that restricts the ownership of dogs by local municipalities or governments. BSL restrictions can include: 


  • Liability insurance requirements
  • Muzzle and/or leash requirements
  • Special licensure 
  • Required enclosures or signage
  • Complete bans 


According to the Animal Farm Foundation, experts have proven that Breed Specific Legislation does not make communities safer for people or pets. It is costly, ineffective, and undermines the human-canine bond. Regulating breeds puts the focus on the dog, without addressing owner behavior and the owner’s responsibility to the animal and the community. In an environment of breed discrimination, the breed identification of a dog can have serious consequences with municipal authorities, animal shelters, landlords, and insurers, all of which will compromise the bond between a family and their dog. There is no evidence to support breed specific legislation.


For additional information on BSL and to access a map to find out if BSL exists in your community, please visit the Animal Farm Foundation website