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Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC) is humbled by and thankful for the generous support and commitment of our followers and supporters. Over the years, we have been able to rescue, care for, and adopt out some of the most wonderful and loving dogs into the best possible homes and families. The world of rescue does not come without its challenges. CPC has evolved over the years to be many things - not just a rescue organization - which is why many of you have noticed a small inventory of adoptable dogs in our organization at any given time.   Our commitment to the Greater Cincinnati community has given many owners the opportunity to keep their pets rather than have to face the difficult decisions of surrender. We have financially supported owners through the burden of unexpected surgeries, helped to limit breeding by covering the cost of spay/neuter surgery, have helped families keep their dogs up to date on vaccinations, and have also provided training assistance to those in need of some extra support. 

These efforts keep animals from having to enter a shelter or rescue program and allow loving owners the opportunity to maintain ownership of their beloved family members. It is our wish this holiday season that you might consider donating to CPC as much of our financial resources are spent on our Owner Support Programs. In the coming weeks, we will begin to highlight much of the work we are doing behind the scenes to help families stay together. We want to protect the privacy of those we are helping but also showcase our efforts to our supporters can see that the financial support they provide is impacting responsible pet owners in Cincinnati at the grassroots level. We could not be more proud of the work we are doing for our community, and we hope you are too! 

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Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC), est. 2012


Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC) was established in April 2012, by four Cincinnati women sharing a passion for animal rescue and “pit bull” dogs. Having worked with a number of rescues and organizations, each of the four women brought a unique perspective and skills set to the new CPC team.  In May 2012, CPC celebrated the repeal of the ban on “pit bull” dogs in the City of Cincinnati side-by-side with City Council members and responsible dog owners in a historic rally on Fountain Square and a Responsible Ownership Walk through the streets of downtown, something many owners had feared doing for many years. Since beginning rescue operations in June 2012, CPC has facilitated the adoption over 150 “pit bull” dogs into loving and responsible homes and has expanded programming beyond just rescue operations to include education, community outreach, and owner support programs. CPC has established strong relationships with local political and business stakeholders as well as partnered with neighborhood organizations and has built a solid reputation within the Greater Cincinnati community as an organization aimed at creating safe and humane communities through education about, advocacy for and rescue of “pit bull” dogs.


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