By adopting a dog from Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC), you are not simply buying a new pet; you are making a donation to our rescue work that helps cover the veterinary and general care costs of future CPC rescue dogs, thus saving not only the life of the dog you are adopting, but the life of the dog CPC now has room to accept into the CPC rescue program.

The cost of adoption is $200 for puppies up to 1 year of age and $150 for dogs 1 year of age or older. Each CPC dog receives preliminary veterinary care including annual vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, heartworm test and preventative medication, flea/tick treatment, and a microchip prior to adoption. Adopters will receive a CPC pet passport containing the dog’s veterinary records.

CPC dogs receive basic training and obedience during their time in a foster home placement and the expectation is that adopters will continue the development of the CPC rescue dog post-adoption with the recommendation be that adopters work directly with trainer Darah Williams with Underdog K-9 Academy ( to help the dog transition into the adopter’s home.

To view our currently adoptable dogs, please visit our Facebook Page by clicking here.

Potential adopters must complete a CPC Adoption Application and Agreement. The adoption screening process includes a general background check, veterinary verification, and personal reference check. If you have questions about adopting a dog from CPC, please contact our Adoption Coordinator at

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