The Owner Support Program is aimed to providing educational and referral services to dog owners. Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC) recognizes that responsible dog owners face a variety of challenges related to the behavior, confinement, and veterinary care of their dog(s). CPC offers a variety of opportunities and resources for owners including socialization events and activities, training workshops, and veterinary and training referrals.


Blockheads responsible bully lovers


This group is a venue for responsible dog owners who wish to socialize with other dog owners. This is a social group not just for humans, but also for dogs. Events include: play dates, parties, group walks and outings to help dogs get appropriate socialization and for humans to share knowledge and ideas with one another.

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Pack Walks

Periodic group pack walks facilitated by a local trainer benefit any dog and are especially helpful for dogs that are overly excited or reactive in nature. Pack walks help dogs overcome fear and anxiety and desensitize dogs to other dogs, people, and high-stress environments, making daily walks more enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. These walks also allow dogs to explore local venues providing mental stimulation and teach dogs how to behave in and safely coexist within each new environment. Additionally, pack walks give owners the opportunity to improve leash handling skills and read dog communication. Pack walks are scheduled at various local venues on a monthly basis.

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Training opportunities 

Training Workshops - 

Group training workshops provide the opportunity for owners to work with a local trainer in a group setting to develop basic manners in dogs, to improve leash handling, and do address minor behavioral issues. Workshops are facilitated by a local trainer.

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individual training -

Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC) works direction with trainer Darah Williams, owner of Underdog K-9 Academy located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Williams educates owners on leadership and the responsibilities that come along with having a dog Training takes place in the dog's and owner's practical environment, where the learned obedience skills would be put to use.

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cpc transport team

Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC) offers transport services for owners in need of transporting pets to various locations both in the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond (depending on volunteer availability). CPC is happy to transport dogs to veterinary appointments, training sessions, and from home to home. If you are in need to transport services, please email 

Affordable veterinary and spay/neuter services


The United Coalition for Animals (UCAN) is a Cincinnati-based low-cost spay/neuter clinic to serve pet owners.

2830 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45225 - (513) 721-7387




Pets in Need of Greater Cincinnati provides affordable, high-quality veterinary care to allow individuals and families with limited means to enjoy the benefits of healthy and responsible pet ownership.

520 West Wyoming Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45215 - (513) 761-PETS 

Owner Surrenders


Although CPC is unable to accept direct owner surrenders from individuals, we are able to provide guidance and support through the surrender process and can often provide referrals to training or support organizations that can help individuals avoid having to surrender their dog. For assistance with the surrender process, please complete an Owner Surrender Request Form so that CPC may assess your current situation and provide referrals and recommendations.

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